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Peanut - Beloved Dog of Tom & Barbara Burke

Lucy - beloved cat of Carolyn Parks

Lady - beloved dog of Butch & Marsha Wiechnik

Leonardo - special kitty from the S.P.A. Ohio Shelter

Kit - beloved best friend to Lauren Tucker and special dog to Shelly & Travis Tucker.

Chief - beloved dog of the Tucker family

Julie - beloved dog of John & Laura Tyszkiewicz

Josie - beloved cat ot mark, Jen and Stella Gruchalski

Fred Wolff - beloved husband of Judy Wolff and human dad to Buddy

Mr. Biggie - special cat of Jack and  Bernie Wetnight

Rocky - beloved dog of Jack and Bernie Wetnight

Junior - beloved cat of Jack and Bernie Wetnight

Weasel, Mr. Manx, Sophie - beloved cats of Jack and Bernie Wetnight

susie - beloved dog of Tom and Barbara Burke

Charlie - beloved dog of Adrian and maureen Mainardi

Nellie - beloved dog of Chuck and Mary Jo Dadlow

Kenai - beloved dog of Chuck and mary Jo Dadlow

Molly - beloved dog of Donna Sain

Shay - beloved dog of Joshua Govert and family

Forrest - beloved pet of the Kimberling's

Roxie - beloved pet of the Kimberling's

Conner - special and lovable companion of Dave & Maureen Rupert

Rex Proud - loving husband of Lynda

Chewie - faithful dog to Jim and Nancy Teutemacher

Becky and Bee-dee Bop - beloved cats of Marilyn Hoftey and Annette Horan

Barney - beloved dog of David and Deborah Schroeder

Kitty Little - special cat of Toni, Robin and Kirby Hood

Madison - beloved dog of the Johnson family

Scotty - beloved dog of Carla and Craig Scott

Maud - beloved cat of the Feinberg family

Junior - beloved cat of Nancy Brooks

Betsy - beloved cat of the Zweig family

Murphy - beloved dog of Deb Proper

Jill - special cat of Patti and Ted Byrne

KitKat - beloved companion of Ron and Bonnie Gruchalski